Overall structure of the work plan

The overall structure of the work plan is designed to facilitate the implementation of the project’s methodology. The project will be implemented through 7 work packages.

WP1-WP5 are dedicated to the technical implementation of the project:

  • WP1 will translate climate change scenarios (including climate and water uses) onto hydrological scenarios at the focal DRN and continental (EU and CELAC) scales.
  • WP2, WP3 and WP4 will use these physical templates to model current and predict future biodiversity, ecological processes and services trajectories at these two scales.
  • WP5 integrates WP1-WP4 knowledge to propose adaptive management strategies accounting for social, financial, legislative and technological barriers and opportunities.
  • WP6 is dedicated to the communication, dissemination and exploitation of DRYvER’s results and capacity-building.
  • WP7 is dedicated to the project management covering the scientific, administrative and financial management as well as quality assurance and risk management.

The program evaluation and review technique (PERT) chart of DRYvER