Project management

DRYvER management structure

The DRYvER Consortium is based on the collaboration of 25 partners coming from 16 different countries.

The project is implemented with a proper, simple, and efficient management structure, including specific teams and procedures. The roles and responsibilities of each partner are clearly defined, avoiding any confusion and minimising complexity in decision-making and all other procedures. The organisational structure of the consortium will comprise the following Bodies: Coordinator, Steering Committee (SC), General Assembly (GA), Management Support Team (MST), Advisory Board (AB) and Stakeholder Committee (SHC).

The organisation structure and decision-making process of DRYvER

Project Coordinator (PC)

Thibault Datry (INRAE)

General Assembly (GA)

PC + 1 representative per partner

The GA is the highest level of authority in the project and is responsible for the high-level decision making on all issues that can have an impact on the project. The GA takes any major decision affecting the execution of the project, such as a change in the consortium composition, a transfer of resources between partners or between WPs, or a change in the planning or the technological choices.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC will be in charge of the technical implementation of the project by managing deliverables, detecting potential issues, ensuring the application of standard practices, managing the project’s data, securing appropriate dissemination and exploitation of results, managing relationships with the Advisory Board and SHC

WP Leaders

  • WP1: Jean-Philippe Vidal (INRAE)
  • WP2: Nuria Bonada (UB)
  • WP3: Gabriel Singer (UIBK)
  • WP4: Julia Martin-Ortega (UOL)
  • WP5: Lisette de Senerpont Domis (NIOO)
  • WP6: Zoltan Csabai (UP)
  • WP7: Thibault Datry (INRAE).

WP leaders are responsible for the production of WPs deliverables and their anticipated submission to the SC. They report on the progress of their WPs and present detailed and updated work plans to contribute to the maintenance of the quality assurance plan. They contribute to management decisions within the SC scope.

Management support team (MST)

  • Project Manager, Dissemination, Exploitation & Intellectual Property Manager, Data Manager, Communication Manager.
  • MST will assist and facilitate the work of the PC in executing the decisions of the SC and GA and carrying out day-to-day management of the project.
  • Project Manager (ERDYN) will support the PC in project management. ERDYN will be in charge of the daily management of the project.
  • Dissemination, Exploitation & IP (DEIP) Manager (UP) will establish and update dissemination strategy, provide guidance and best practices to partners, and support dissemination activities undertaken by the partners.
  • Data Manager (INRAE) will set up the data management plan and take measures to ensure open access to the research data generated by DRYvER.
  • Communication Manager (Z5P) will plan, establish and update communication strategy and raise target groups awareness about project results.

Advisory Board (AB)

High-Level experts and scientists

AB include high-level experts in the field of freshwater sciences, climate change, and adaptive management of water resources and biodiversity. It includes the coordinator of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison (ISIMIP), key experts from the IPCC and IPBES, along with members from the International Water Management Institute, the World Meteorological Organisation, and the European Joint Research Center.

Stakeholders Committee (SHC)

European and focal DRN Stakeholders

SHC will include stakeholders from the focal DRNs considered in DRYvER, the two stakeholders involved as partners (ACA, DDVIZIG), and will be extended to other European stakeholders during the project.