On this page we have collected all of the video appearances of DRYvER Partners. The videos are ordered by countries.


DRYRivERS - the first open-source smartphone application to monitor drying events in river networks

Czech Republic

Česká televize

The Czech team made an appearance on the regional TV. The video can be accessed through the following link.


The following videos show the French WP2 team in action:

On this video, you can witness the French WP3 team at work:


The following video was created by the Department of Hydrobiology, University of Pécs to present the role of the department in the DRYvER project.

A short "teaser trailer" for the video about the the role of the Department of Hydrobiology, University of Pécs in the DRYvER project (listed above).

The DRYRivERS app video in Hungarian


The following video is from a press release about the whole project, which was created for Andalusian media.