Reports and documents

Here we listed all documents, reports, deliverables, etc. which have been created throughout the DRYvER project. Whenever it is legally possible, we also provided links to these documents.


D6.1 - Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR)

The Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR) summarises the consortium’s strategy and concrete actions to communicate, disseminate, exploit, and protect the results generated by the DRYvER project. It also serves as a guideline to the consortium for the dissemination and exploitation activities to be carried out in the context of the DRYvER project.

D6.2 - Visual identity materials: logo, templates, communication kits (leaflets, posters, roll-up banners)

This deliverable contains all the visual identity materials,such as logos, templates, offline communication kitsand the explanation of these. It also reflects to the area of usage of every part of this package.This deliverable ensures that the complete visual identity material is available to partners in order to transfer a recognisableand coherent image of the project in all communication and dissemination activities.

D6.3 - Data Management Plan

This document summarises the data management principles that will be applied in DRYvER.

D7.1 - Kick-off meeting minutes

DRYvER Kick-Off meeting was held from the 6th to the 8th of October 2020 through conference call (Teams). The purpose of this meeting was to launch DRYvER, to provide a global overview of the project, with a focus on the WPs, administrative information regarding H2020 and DRYvER, management and internal communication, as well as to initiate technical discussions within and between WPs.

D7.2 - Quality assurance plan and risk register

This DRYvER Quality Management Plan is intended to ensure that DRYvER processes and outputs are monitored and properly reported. It will be used to prevent possible deviations from the Work Plan and to provide deliverables of high quality. 

D8.1 A - Requirement N°2 - List of fish species involved in WP2

This document presents all fish species,which can be potentially sampled at the 6 Europeanand 3 CELACDRNs.In red, species are under a national protection scheme, classified as vulnerable or endangered.

D8.2 A - POPD - NEC - Requirement No. 3 - Ethics issues linked to the participation of entities based in non-EU countries

This document confirms that the activities involving non-EU partners in DRYvER do not raise ethics issues or that these issues are properly adressed in the project.