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Translated versions of the tutorial are available at the bottom of the page.

One page quickstart guide

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Downloading and installing the application

Please note that the app is currently in Beta test phase and only available in the DRYvER countries.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store from the six European DRYvER member countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, France, Spain, and also from Italy) by searching for the app's name (DryRivers).

Sign up / Login / Registration

If you have an existing account for the app, type in the email address and the password, then click the LOGIN button. For creating a new account, click the SIGN UP button (1) on the starting screen of the app, then please give the requested information on the Registration page, then to finish the process press the SIGN UP button (2). Before you can sign in, you have to confirm your email address via the automatic email you will receive after completing the registration process.

In case you forgot your password, you can click the Forgot password? button, which will redirect you to a page where you can retreive your password by giving your email address what you have used at the registration.

Starting screen

At the Starting screen, you can either add a new spot or record by clicking the Add new spot or new record button (3), or you can upload the recorded points from your storage.

By default, for the first time when you log in your storage is empty (4). After you added new points, your records will show up in your storage, and you will be able to upload your records by clicking the Upload items button (5).

You can also sign out from the app here by clicking the Exit icon (6) next to the DRYRivERS app logo.

Adding new spot or record

By clicking the Add new spot or new record button on the Starting screen, you will be moved to the Map screen where you can either find your position by clicking the GPS icon (7) or you can manually find the spot you wish to record by scrolling and zooming on the map. Your current location is always displayed by a black crosshair.  

When you find the point you want to add, you can either add a new point (8) by selecting an empty spot on the map (a new marker will appear with blue outline) or you can add a new record (9) by selecting an existing marker (the existing marker will have a black outline)  .

If you wish to continue with your selected point, press the Add new icon (10).

You can always cancel your selection by clicking the X icon (11).

Recording hydrological conditions

After you pressed the Add new icon at the Map screen, you will be moved to the Conditions screen. Firstly, you will have to select from the three condition options (Flow / Disconnected pools / Dry) the one which describes the point’s hydrological status the best. Then you can enter the point’s name (12) and you can take a photo of the current conditions by clicking the Photo icon (13) and pressing the Shutter button (14). Both entering the point's name and taking a photo are optional, however highly recommended steps.

Just as before at the Map screen, you can always cancel your progress by clicking the X icon.

If you are ready with all the processes, you can save your record by clicking the Save icon (15).

After that, you will be redirected to the Starting screen, where you can choose to add another spot or record (16) or upload your saved items (17).


Downloadable tutorials

Translated versions of the tutorial are available in .pdf in the following languages:

Contact information

Núria Cid:

Researcher at IRTA - Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (Spain).

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Andor Tamás

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