Terms and Conditions

DRYRivERS: Terms and Conditions


The app DRYRIVERS is developed by the DRYvER project “Securing biodiversity, functional integrity and ecosystem services in DRYingriVER networks” https://www.dryver.eu/, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The aim of this app is to enable citizens to collect information about drying events in European rivers. With this field information, citizens will contribute to map current drying rivers and help to improve scientific predictions of the future impacts of climate change in these ecosystems.

Data collected

  • Hydrological data: information of the river’s hydrological conditions, i.e. river flowing, not flowing and with pools, not flowing and dry.
  • Pictures of the river sites showing the hydrological conditions reported.
  • Geolocations of the river sites.

You will submit the hydrological data and pictures of the surveyed sites associated to geolocations. Geolocations will be collected from the smartphone’s GPS or entered manually if no network is available.

When submitting data, you will need to agree to make the data provided publicly available.


To use the app, you will need to create an account and provide a username and email address. This account can be (1) personal or (2) collective (i.e. for organizations). Several users on different devices can use the collective account.

When creating the account, you can use a nickname as username if preferred. There is no need to use your real name. Real names and email addresses will not be displayed in the website, unless you explicitly stated this during data input.

You can also add a profile image (aka “avatar”) to your user profile.

Data storage

Data will be stored in the European Union. The app will use a dedicated cloud service- DRYvER Server Cloud (AWS European Servers) - for saving and storing data uploaded by the users. A full backup and exported data will be stored and managed in password-protected computers of the University of Pécs (Hungary), which is a partner institution in the DRYvER project, and will be available only to data managers of DRYvER.

Your personal rights

The DRYvER project collects and processes personal data as legislated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

Registered users are able to update it or to cancel their registration by contacting the responsible person of the app (see below).

You have the right to access your data, rectify them, and oppose the processing and request the limitation of the processing by contacting the responsible person (see below). You also have the right to delete your data within a 30-day period after submitting.

DRYvER is fully committed to transparency and ensuring the privacy and security of your data. DRYvER contributes to the Open Data effort in the Horizon 2020 programme. DRYvER will ensure that its research data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

Contact information

Amélie Truchy:

Post-doctoral researcher at Researcher at National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE).


For technical problems:

Andor Tamás