PDF versions of the newsletters

The .pdf version of the 2nd newsletter is available here.

The .pdf version of the 1st newsletter is available through this link.

2nd DRYvER Newsletter (sent out on 14 February 2022) [read the newsletter online]

  • Article n°1 - DRYvER activities since July 2021: first reports are available!
  • Article n°2 - First call for interest for Short-Term Scientific Missions is open!
  • Article n°3 - Sampling campaigns & field activities – interview with Rubén del Campo
  • Article n°4 - Case study presentation – focus on Croatia

1st DRYvER Newsletter (sent out on 16 July 2021) [read the newsletter online]

  • Overview of DRYvER, an interdisciplinary project focusing on drying river networks
  • DRYvER activities since September 2020: focus on data collection and launching the activities with citizens and stakeholders
  • Citizen Science App – Interview with Núria Cid
  • Preliminary findings on the perception of ecosystem services in drying river networks 
  • Recent and upcoming dissemination activities of DRYvER