News Archive

01 Sep
The second call for DRYvER STSM is open between 01-30 September 2022. It will support STSMs planned between 01/11/2022 and 31/03/2023.
08 Aug
100% of DRYvER macroinvertebrate samples are now sorted! The identification is also making good progress. Most of the main invertebrate groups are processed at 80-90%. Check out the counters here.
28 Jun
The 3rd Consortium Meeting of DRYvER is taking place in Lyon, France!

14 Feb
The 2nd DRYvER newsletter is out now, and it can be read online on the website, and there is a .pdf version.
07 Feb
The first call for DRYvER STSM is open between 07/02/2022 and 14/03/2022. It will support STSMs planned between 01/06/2022 and 30/09/2022.
06 Jan
A Postdoc position in freshwater ecology in DRYvER is open at the Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia. Application deadline: 24/01/2022.
06 Dec
Another two (4th and 5th) articles have also been published by DRYvER members, one in the journal Ecohydrology (Sarremejane et al. 2021), and the other in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (Cid et al. 2021).
03 Dec
The WP3 team led by Rubén del Campo has now officially finished all 3 fieldwork campaigns in Croatia and Hungary! 
24 Nov
All WP2 samplings are now over in the Czech Republic!
16 Nov
Croatian WP2 team has finished all sampling campaigns!
03 Nov
The last sampling campaign of the Finnish WP2 team is now over!
14 Sep
There goes the 3rd one! Crabot J, Mondy CP, Usseglio-Polatera P, et al. A global perspective on the functional responses of stream communities to flow intermittence. Ecography (2021).
09 Sep
The second DRYvER releated article was published! Blackman RC, Altermatt F, Foulquier A, et al. Unlocking our understanding of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams with genomic tools. Front Ecol Environ (2021).
16 Jul
The first DRYvER newsletter was sent out. You can read more by clicking here.
16 Jun
The first DRYvER releated article was published! Messager ML, Lehner B, Cockburn C, et al. Global prevalence of non-perennial rivers and streams. Nature 594, 391–397 (2021).
07 May
The past 2 days, DRYvER joined the BiodivERsA Partnership clustering event to discuss joint opportunities with 21 funded projects for protecting biodiversity under climate change.
17 Apr
A short summary together with a lot of photos and videos of the first sampling campaign of WP2 and WP3 is now available on the website. See more here.
12 Mar
In January/February, the first samplings have started at the focal case study sites! Croatia, Ecuador, Hungary, and Spain are done, 5 to go. Reports and pics are coming soon!
10 Mar
The DRYvER project was presented to the local environmental NGOs in the Spanish case study site (Genal River) for the first time. Find out more here.
07 Jan
In 2021 meet the DRYvER at Virtual meetings’ Special Sessions: SFS in May, ASLO in June, SEFS in July!
12 Dec
First Steering Committee meeting was held to follow up the past and discuss the next months. Principle outcome: a lot to do but project goes as planned.
05 Dec
DRYvER host a special session at ASLO Virtual meeting, 22-27 June 2021! Registration will open at the end of January. Go for SS19! 
02 Dec
DRYvER host a special session at SEFS12, July 25-30, 2021 (online)! Registration and abstract submission is already open. Go for SS14! 
01 Dec
DRYvER Website has officially started!
08 Oct
Kick-Off meeting was held in October as an online meeting with a purpose to launch DRYvER, provide a global overview, and point out the next steps.